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8th Annual Gate City Brewfest Locations:

Center Street Clubhouse, 524 E. Center St.

Hooligans, 122 N. 3rd Ave.

Club Charley's 331 E. Center St.

Pocatello Co-op, 308 E. Center St.

The Odyssey Bar & Golf, 250 E. Center St.

Cue & Brews, 259 E. Center St. 

The Office Bar, 251 E. Center St.

Portneuf Valley Brewing, 615 S. 1st Ave. 

The Bridge, 230 W. Bonneville

Elks Lodge, 410 S. Main St.

First National Bar, 232 W. Center St.

Parfive Indoor Golf Lounge, 123 N. Main St.

PV's Uncorked on Main, 138 N. Main St.

Villano's Italian, 165 N. Main St.

​The Tasting Room, 328 W. Clark

The Bourbon Barrel, 238 W. Clark

The Oasis Bar, 304 N. Main St.

The Grecian Key Restaurant, 314 N. Main St.

​Ticket Locations:
To purchase tickets or redeem on-line ticket purchases, please visit one of these locations.  Be sure to have your valid ID.

Old Town Pavilion, 420 N. Main St.

Pocatello - Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce, 326 S. Main St.

Portneuf Valley Brewing, 615 S. 1st Ave.

8th Annual Gate City Brewfest    *   Saturday March 10, 2018   *   Plan Now!